Open day Ayurvedic Garden 2016
Witharen The Netherlands


EAC-opendayTwenty-five years Herbal Anniversary in the Netherlands.
The Open Garden Days on 26th of July, 13 August and 3 september are falling together with my 25 years of stay in the Netherlands.

In July 1991 I came to Holland for an herbal medicine workshop, traditional healing dance and Kalam making in Soeterijn in Tropical Institute in Amsterdam.

At that time I could carry 100 kilo’s precious seeds and herbs for the workshops and exhibitions. During those days I got a lot of chances to exchange this valuable medicines among the many people I met.

From my experience, I know that medicinal herbs which are growing in a natural have unlimited healing powers. I studied directly from nature how much freedom each plant need and how we can support that free growth.

They don’t need much space or much food. But they do require close contact and deep connections on a daily base. They also need pure love from us. Then they give the best remedy for your problems.

You can grow herbs as food or as a medicine. That is possible even in a small place, for example your garden or balcony. You can produce everything in your surroundings.

I experienced that myself in India and now also in the Netherlands. I want to show you my method of integrated farming. You are cordially invited to come here and participate with us for an herbal feast and natural sightseeing.

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Namaste your medicine woman dr. V.P. Mohana Kumari


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Consulten en behandelingen bij Ayurveda dokter Mohana

Veel van onze klachten kunnen verholpen worden met natuurlijke middelen. Hieronder zie je twee video’s van clienten van Mohana die haar hulp vragen voor hun klachten.

Mohana heeft 45 jaar ervaring als natuurgeneeskundige en weet als geen ander om met weinig middelen de juiste snaar te raken. Haar behandelingen zijn uniek, volkomen natuurlijk en origineel.

Afspraak maken voor een consult:
Email: contactpagina
Tel: +31 (0)523 677 208


Different type of treatments

Nadi therapy

Why healthy Nadis?

  • Healthy nadis prevent diseases coming inside your body.
  • When the body is healthy, the mind and soul show longlasting happiness.
  • Strong nadis helps you to ground, focus and feel excellent about yourself.


Nadi therapy helps you to regain healthy nadis, and I can help you with that.

A little history

Lord Shiva and Shakti are the father and mother of all medicines.
We got this precious knowledge of healing, from this divine parents.

When nadis are healthy and open, that means you are a balanced person. Your body connects with tridoshas, and your mind connects with trigunas.

Through nadi examination, you can see the bioenergies and also feel them with your three fingers. Pointing finger for air, middle finger for fire and ring finger for water.

When you test the nadi, you get a very special feeling. Your connection is going to the whole universe.

You get a kind of deep concentration and devotedness when you search the conditions of the nadis. You feel the connection of the soul not only the body and mind. When you take the hand of your client, you have to give trust that they are safe with you.

Testing the Nadis

Just before start testing the nadi you show the mudra of Shiva Lingam with your hands.

The client hand must be in between the shiva and shakti energy.
You can see the expression on the face is changing.


Hold the hand from the client in your hands
in Anjali Mudra. Keep it for some time.





www.kalam.nl-10Ask the client to open the palm.
Place on that your right palm for some time.
When it is a male the right hand and for a female the left hand for pulse reading.




www.kalam.nl-4Place the three fingers just above the wrist.
The small finger is the earth element, and the thumb is the Akash element also in bending position.




After that, the first and last fingers stand up, and the middle three fingers start searching the nadis or pulse.





Now the vayu finger or the pointing finger measures the nadi pulsation.
Through this ida nadi research, again and again, you can discover all the problems coming through vayu or vatha diseases including mental problems.




When the middle finger or fire finger touches the Pingala nadi, you get all the information about your pitha problems.





When Kapha finger or water finger touches the Sushumna nadi and do the research, you get all the problems coming under Kapha nadi.




Feet and sole are also good places to examine the gunas and doshas with your Ida, Pingala and Sushumna nadi fingers.




There are 14 main nadis.

They are called Chaturdasa Maha nadis and they are connecting your body with your mind and your soul.

They are protecting our whole body mind and soul.

That means you can be young, beautiful and healthy for a very long time.

Healthy nadis in your body give you lot of resistance and immunity.

Healthy nadis prevent diseases coming inside the body, when the body is healthy then the mind and the soul also show happiness continuously, nadis help you to ground focus, concentrate and feel good about yourself.

www.kalam.nl-10But most of the time you get blocked nadis or weak nadis from wrong food and unhealthy lifestyle.

There are nadi treatments through which you can regain your nadi balance.



www.kalam.nl-9There are different ways of nadi treatment, according to your nadi problems.

Through nadi pulse examinations, you get a clear idea about your nadis.



Through sense organ test you can repair the nadi problems.




Spiritual Pancha Karma is the traditional way of cleaning and nourishing your nadis.

Spiritual Pancha Karma helps to clean all the cells of the nadis.



In short the Dravidian culture from Pashupati time onwards showing the wisdom of Shiva Shakti the unity in diversity, showing us the oneness of the whole world for our peace, health, happiness and prosperity.


We got this precious knowledge from Shiva and Sakti the divine medicine parents from Pashupati period which is a great wisdom from Dravidian culture.

You can book your seat for the Nadi therapy which is very important for you.
This is our contact page: http://www.kalam.nl/contact/

My fee for a first consult is €190,- for 1 1/2 hours.

My treatment place is Witharenweg 9 – 7738 PE in Witharen (near Ommen).

Following up consult is € 125,- for 1 hour.

Treatment fee is €125,- for one hour.



More news:

You can follow my courses at our University: http://www.unitedwisdom.org

IOU-TASTAM students

In the webshop you can order a special film in which I explain in detail about Kalam and the therapeutic effects. You can order it here. .


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